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QuaTerNes B.V.
QuaTerNes B.V., established in 1980, is a family holding which aims to facilitate the development of secure and sustainable food chains with special focus on agriculture, food processing, marketing and business development in the widest sense.

QuaTerNes companies have gained extensive experience worldwide, and built valuable networks in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and North & South America. They are highly respected for their outstanding performance and operational efficiency, from due diligence to management, business plan execution, services and investment realization.

Independent Breeders Platform (IBP)

The IBP is a platform of independent breeders of high quality seed potatoes and new potato varieties.
Activities for its members include the multiplication, testing, registration, market introduction and commercialisation of new potato tubers and varieties worldwide.

Clootwijck Estate

Experts at Clootwijck Estate offer agronomic services, amongst others in the field of seed potato cultivation from micro tubers. They possess a wealth of international experience on agricultural and agronomy practices in different parts of the world. Clootwijck Estate advises farmers on how to grow healthy and nutritious crops and to grow them while preventing diseases and using the soil with maximum efficiency, without over-exploitation.

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