Agritech 2018 shows interest for ProPhyTIS patented growth bag.

From 8-10 May, ProPhyTis exhibted in Agritech 2018 in Tel Aviv, israel. ProPhyTIS participated in a trade delegation with fair participation to Israel and the Palestinian Authority. During the exhibition, also Minister Carola Schouten visited and talked with each participant. The new patented disposable bioreactor received much interest from participants from several countries.

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Patent for unique ProPhyTIS disposable bioreactor

ProPhyTIS developed a patented disposable bioreactor May 2018 – ProPhyTIS, in cooperation with DacklaPack of The Netherlands, developed a unique disposable bioreactor (in multiple sizes), which ensures efficient and cost effective application of TIS technology.

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Prophytis op Agritech, neemt deel aan innovatiemissie naar Agritech, 7 – 11 mei

ProphyTIS zal exposeren op Agritech 2018 en neemt deel aan de SANEC/NAFTC-AFRICA bedrijvenmissie naar Israel Israël is een Innovatie ‘Hot Spot react-text: 1863 ’ /react-text Israël is uitgegroeid tot een locatie die internationaal kan wedijveren met innovatie hotspots als Silicon Valley. Was Israel altijd al voorloper in water management en irrigatietechnologie, de innovatie-ontwikkelingen vertaalden zich de […]

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Participation in 3rd Sino Europe Potato Workshop, Yunnan, 8-10 March 2018

ProPhyTIS/QuaTerNes participated in the 3rd Europe Potato Workshop in Yunnan, China, and provided a lecture in the seminar ‘Potato breeding and Seed Potato multiplication’ During the seminar, high level evaluations and much appreciation were shown for the ProPhyTIS tempory immersion knowhow and systems. Especially its latest patent on disposable reactors drastically increasing production efficiency and […]

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Seasons Greetings from ProPhyTIS

ProPhyTIS wishes you Happy Holidays and a Sparkling, Energetic New Year!

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ProPhyTIS to be represented at INDAGRA 2016

From 2 – 6 November, Clootwijck Beheer Group will participate in INDAGRA 2016, Romania’s largest agricultural fair From 2 to 6 November, Clootwijck Beheer Group will participate with its Clootwijck Nurseries and Q Solution and ProPhyTIS in INDAGRA 2016, Romania’s largest Agricultural Fair. Our companies will be showing our products and services for the realisation […]

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ProPhyTIS new name

Following one year start-up ProPhyTIS is the new name for Ilan Bio International.  After one year of partnership and start-up, Ilan Bio International will continue without its partner Ilan Bio under the name ProPhyTIS. We thank Ilan Bio for their support and trust that there will be a nice future for both companies. Since its […]

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Clootwijck Group participated in Potato Workshop in China

Dr. Frank Maas of Clootwijck Group participated and supported 22-24 July 2015 in the first workshops on Potato Gap China focused on sustainable potato production and processing.  The program contained an opening ceremony, three keynote lectures on challenges and opportunities for the cultivation of potato in China, an excursion to a demo field with examples […]

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Laboratory First Stone celebration in Weihan-Xian, Shaanxi, P.R. China

Founding members, officials, press and many others celebrated the ‘First Stone’ ceremony for the establishment of a new breeding and rapid propagation facility based on TIS technology. The Sino-Dutch founding partners are Halimenta BV from the Netherlands and Xian Agriculture Bonded Warehouse Co. Ltd from P.R. China. They are supported by several leading private Chinese […]

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Demo fields visited in the Negev, Israel

Professor Anthon Haverkort of Wageningen University published a report on his findings during this visit to the demo potato plantings in the Negev, Israel. The report, in English, can be downloaded here.

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